Abuse of Power: The Acadians

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Abuse of Power : The Acadians

In The Acadians, set in 1749, William Gray, an officer on the staff of Governor Cornwallis, is horrified by the brutality of Acadian and Mikmaq raids on the Dartmouth settlers. Robert Cameron, a soldier on sentry duty at the time of the second Dartmouth raid, is shaken by the callous indifference of the English officer to the plight of the settlers. At the first opportunity, Cameron deserts to join the Acadians. During the capture of Fort Beausejour and the occupation of the Fundy by the English, each man does his best to accomplish what is expected of him under increasingly severe circumstances. By the time of the Expulsion of the Acadians, each must face his own beliefs and fears as the fighting draws to a close on the Nova Scotia mainland.

The Acadians

Abuse of Power 2: The Colonials and The Acadians

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Abuse of Power 2 : The Colonials and The Acadians

The Colonials and The Acadians focuses on the British capture during the Seven Years War (1756 to 1763), of Louisbourg and Quebec. General James Wolfe is a new main character, with William Gray an active participant in the battle scenes; despite at one point facing execution by order of a Royal Navy Captain. Also present are most of the characters from the first book of the series, The Acadians, so that the reader follows their adventures again in this extended narrative as they struggle for independence in their own lives.

The Colonials and The Acadians

Abuse of Power 3: Crooked Paths

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Abuse of Power 3 : Crooked Paths

In 1755, the Halifax waterfront is rife with the evil of powerful men seeking revenge. Those men choose to act against the boy, Thomas Gray, son of William Gray, late of the governor's staff. On the Indian Frontier, the Kendrick family fought well against the French and Indians during the war. During the peace, their enemies return for their revenge. You might be surprised by the actions of the pirates of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, or the adventures of the masterless men of Newfoundland, because it is all here, in the third book of the Abuse of Power series, Crooked Paths, as we trace the lives of these families into the next generation.

Crooked Paths

Abuse of Power 4: The Planters

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Abuse of Power 4 : The Planters

William Brewster leads the Pilgrims of the Mayflower to North America (1620). Subsequent generations of Brewsters continue to seek their vision of religious freedom. In 1761, Samuel Brewster accepts the offer of free land recently vacated by the Acadians. The wars that are our history and the manouverings of powerful men do not deter the Brewsters; they move to Baxter Harbour where they live their faith as they follow the sea.

The Planters

Abuse of Power 5: Expulsion and Survival

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Abuse of Power 4 : The Planters

French Irregulars (mostly Acadians and Indians), who had been fighting the British in support of Fortress Louisbourg, had fled across the Bras D'Or Lakes to escape capture. Two of the fugitives sought shelter on Île Saint Jean hoping that the British would not come; but the British came. The fugitives, Robert Cameron and Reine LeBlanc, managed to escape the second expulsion of the Acadians by hiding in the backwoods where they believed they could live unnoticed by the conquerors. Unfortunately, the Proprietor System of Land Ownership, established by the English in 1768 and not annulled until after Prince Edward Island joined the Canadian Confederation in 1870, was all encompassing; the squatters were discovered. The story of their survival is compelling.

Expulsion and Survival

Abuse of Power 6: Rebels, Royalists and Railroaders


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Abuse of Power 4 : The Planters

In each generation there always seemed to be too many sons for the land to support. 

In the 18th century a Smallwood was sent off to Maryland to find his own way in the British Colonies.  His son raised a regiment to fight against the tyrannical English which saved George Washington’s army at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights in July 1776.  Of course the rest of the Smallwood family were mortified by their cousin’s behaviour. 
In the 19th century there were two surplus sons in the English family. 

The youngest went to Newfoundland.  It is the middle son who migrated to New Brunswick that we follow in this story about politicians, sailing masters and railroaders through three generations.


Rebels. Royalists and Railroaders

Abuse of Power 7: Lives of Courage


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The years 1912 to 1932 formed an exciting era in Canadian history.  Even in the best of times, there were no guarantees, and certainly no entitlements to a “good life”.  The family pulled together and the individuals survived.  Bill Smallwood’s story of family loyalty, intrigue, tragedy, and love is dominated by one further quality: courage.

When the 6th of December, 1917, dawned crisp and clear in wartime Halifax, no one could imagine just how much courage would be needed to get through the next day… let alone the rest of the epoch. 

For this seventh in the Abuse of Power series, Bill Smallwood has brought back the Schwartz, Gray, Cameron and Smallwood families to tell the story.


Lives of Courage

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